iPhone 3G – Send a text message to multiple people

In my earlier post I mentioned that it is not possible to send multiple text messages from an iPhone 3G. I stand corrected. Sending SMS/Text messages to multiple contacts is possible on the iPhone. The user interface is not intuitive, leaving users perplexed when trying to send SMS/Text messages to multiple contacts.

Here is how you can send SMS/ Text message to multiple contacts/people:

  1. Tap the SMS icon on the Home screen
  2. Once in the SMS application, Tap the write message icon image of Write message icon used in iPhone 3G
  3. Tap the “Plus sign” to add a contact
    iPhone 3G add contact to SMS
  4. A list of contact is displayed
    image of Contact list in iPhone 3G
  5. Tap on the contact you want to send the SMS/Text message to.
  6. Contact is displayed as SMS/Text message recipient
    Contact added as SMS/Text message recipient in iPhone 3G
  7. To add another contact Tap anywhere in the the area as shown (Yellow area marked in the image.)
    Add multiple=
  8. A “plus sign” should now appear
    adding multiple=
  9. Tap the “Plus sign” to add more contacts.

There, I hope this helps. 😉


48 thoughts on “iPhone 3G – Send a text message to multiple people”

  1. If I have sent a text to one person but want to go back and send that same text to 10 people, can I do that?

  2. Hi Janel,

    For you to do that a ‘Forward’ facility would be required, which,unfortunately the iPhone 3G version does not have.

    Hope that the new version 3 has this built in 😉

  3. Thanks for this article.
    It has really been helpful as I just bought a new iPhone recently.

    I hope version 3 has a forward feature as that would be real helpful instead of having to type entire messages again.

  4. If I recive SMS that was sent to me and some other persons can I just respond to all of them like they can do or is that still to much for iPhone enginners, anyway your explanation was relly helpfull and thank you very much for that post.


  5. No offense Macintosh. But would it kill you to have the ability to create a group sms like your group email option so that we only need to tap on the group ONCE as well as forward the message?

    I know this sounds complicated but i think all your competitors can do it.

  6. I REALLY believed the iphone was going to be fantastic, and many things are (like cool applications) but HOW PATHETIC is it that,

    1. I cannot sms a photo to another phone, A BASIC FEATURE on any phone worth their salt !!!

    2. I cannot forward an incoming text to anyone else !!!

    3. I have no ‘sent’ page !!!

    4. Have these areas been left out on purpose therefore requiring that we spend ANOTHER few hundred on an updated version that will incorporate all the areas people require (and HAD on their other makes of phone) ???

    I’m not impressed AT ALL by these features we need being absent, OR by the fact that it’s ONLY 02 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUBBISH !!!

  7. You CAN forward an SMS on the 3G (I do have the latest OS 3). All you need to do is go to the screen where the message is recorded (after you send it to someone), click on “Edit” on the top right of the screen. Then check the message you want to forward and hit the “Forward” button that shows up at the bottom of the screen!

  8. You may have to call your service provider to resolve this. Folks have had similar issues because of the profile not getting updated at the service providers end. Ideally, upgrading to version 3.o should resolve this. However, there maybe chances that the profile with the service provider may be corrupt.

    Call your service provider and they should be able to guide you on the phone on what to do. I had a similar issue resolved by calling the Optus – the service provider I am currently with.


  9. Use Bitesms. Its good for forwards and copy, pasting.

    As far as a single click group sms to your dear friends. forget about it as i dont see an application in site. Thanks Apple

  10. They need to make it where when u choose ur contact to add u can choose multipe that way u don’t have to add them 1 at a time. It gets tedious when sending to alot of people….

  11. Is there a phone that will allow for a group list to be DDED TO A TEXT. tO BE CLEAR LETS SAY i HAVE 40 PEOPLE i WANT to send a to. Is there a phone I can create a contacr list , vreat a message and with one click send it to the desired list. I have an i phone and it aeems I must click on all 40 people individually to add them to the send list –too cumbersome to slow

  12. Hi,
    I was wondering if i could send a text to a group of contacts which is in my contact list as a group without having to select them all one by one.
    thanks a lot

  13. hi I want send SMS to 100 people from my contacts in one click. is it possible ? is there a ” select all or more”

  14. just by looking at the description makes me feel like an idiot lol!!
    thanks for the help… cheers!!!

  15. How I can send one SMS to multiple contacts at a time it difficult to send SMS by add one by one in a one touch e can send to multiple people

  16. if i have 40 people and have to add 40 times its going to be difficult i think…other phones have stuff like “select all” or a check box or something…so u can select and send to all…is there an app for that sort of thing in iPhone…?

  17. The blackberry lets you create group lists and 1 message out to 30 people. Not sure of the max. The most i’ve sent out is a bout 30.

  18. Ran says:
    February 22, 2010 at 9:51 pm
    The blackberry lets you create group lists and 1 message out to 30 people. Not sure of the max. The most i’ve sent out is a bout 30.

    I ask: is it possible to do the same in the iPhone? I have the new one just bought in March 14.


  19. Still searching for the perfect solution, however this is what I know thus far (after hours of googling and researching).

    1. There are apps that are now just comming out that can group text. However they do not do so from your contact list, rather they create their own groups (annoying) then there is TextRally (as of today, March 23rd they are still not in the app store but getting close.) They claim to be able to do what we’re looking to do, only down side is that it’s still “group texting” instead of just you sending out individual texts to many people at once.

    2. Other phones can do this. I was using a Windows Mobile phone till a month ago and you can simply build a group just by having many numbers in a row and copy and past it into the TO: on the text and boom they are fired off to all the people you want, no limit! they people simply reply and it’s one on one from there out. Perfect. I really miss my Windows Mobile phone and it’s abilities that iPhone is still eons behind. iPhone is much nicer look and smoother operation, but much more limiting and not as powerful. I guess only time will tell and Apple’s ability to deliver or become obsolete.

  20. Once an sms message is sent to multiple recipients (as per advice above). You can send to the same “group” again by selecting the sent message and simply type in a new one as part of that conversation.

    Its still not ideal but it works.

    Surely you should be able to select a group from the address book and send sms to all contacts in that group!

  21. I am disapponted to learn that iphone 3GS does not have the facility to creat group address out of the phone contacts to send multple message. You have to add contacts one by one which is combersome and irritating. Is there an updated software which can creat group address in iphone 3 GS ???
    I shall appreciate your help.

  22. yo baby yo
    humayun got some good news for ya all
    how to send txt msgs to all your friends
    for this u have to make a group in sms
    in order to that type any thing in new sms window
    add muliple contacts by the +sign for example u add almost 15 people
    n send to them
    now one your friend send u a funny txt n u want to forward it to all your friends in that particular group so just copy it and paste it in that group sms window which we have previously made thats all
    it will act like u r sending msgs to groups
    what say huh???
    discovered by me

  23. I love the way that I can veiw all text sent/received by a person on one screen..LOVE it. But when someone sends me a text if they have cc’d other people (ie: so I know I don’t need to fwd a pic to someone) I can’t easily see that. Is there a way to see that info?

  24. There is another option which includes the previous discussions of going back to the same message originally sent to the max number of 9.
    You are able to forward to more than that.

    In essence, if you have 20 people you would like to send a mass text out

    1. Create a text out to the first 9
    2. Edit that text sent and forward it to the remainder 11

    3. In the future if you have another text that needs to be sent to the same 20
    4. Pull up the first text and continue onto the conversation

    It’s not anything like the Blackberry which does offer this function; however, until the IPhone 4 is out, this is what will need to be done.

    I hope this helps.

  25. I have the iPhone 3gs

    this phone is a big disappointment !!!
    I Had Verizon service with a blackberry curve

    I regret leaving Verizon/blackberry
    the AT&T service with my iPhone is fucking terrible !!

    Why why why can’t you with a iPhone
    create groups with unlimited contactes
    within them ??
    Why can’t you create groups from the phone
    opposed from your computer ??
    Why can’t this piece of shit phone
    send mass texts
    the only good thing about the iPhone
    is all the free games !!
    Steve jobs is a fucking asshole

  26. hi friends,
    I am sorry if i am posting this topic once again.
    I am facing a problem while messaging. i want to send sms to many ppl, but it takes a lot of time as i have to add each contact by using the + sign all over again for each contact.i did try a few softwares like ycontacts abcontacts..etc………but evrythin is a fail……………
    can any one help me with a software through which i can create a group and send a message with just one click ………… some thing similar to nokia phones…..kindly give me reviews………..

  27. I am astonished with Apple. Honestly, how is it you have created so many other applications and setting for a phone that you forgot to give the 3GS phone the ability to create contact groups? My $20 phone before I bought this IPhone had the ability to do this! And pretty much every phone before that had the ability to do it! As I can see, also, a lot of other people are very upset about the same situation. Do you plan to fix this with a new software update so you don’t have so many angry customers? Or are you just going to make everyone spend another couple hundred dollars in order to do basic things?!

  28. if i wnt to forward my message to friends group(more than 25 people ) then what should i do xcept adding again and again

  29. Copy and paste works well..
    Adding contacts one by one works well too but taking so much time…
    Could someone make an application that could simply allow you to tick unlimited number of people in your contact list and simply send a message in ONE CLICK?

  30. I have an iphone 3g. When i get a text from someone who has also sent it to others…i can’t see what the others have responded to the sender. Why not? This would help when making plans etc. Any suggestions?

  31. I added last night 71 contact by the “plus” procedure as per the posted instructions, i was trying to add 94 contacts
    When i reached number 71 i clicked on “cancel” by mistake
    Suddenly everything disappeared without even a cancelation confirmation question
    MY GOD i want to smash this dumb phone

  32. Would you believe it, the iPhone 4 has exactly the same issue of sending to multiple contacts – but worse! When you have added 10 people the + sign to add more is behind the message and can’t be clicked!!! Rediculous – don’t hte testers try stuff like this? Or are they so used to the limited functionality of the 3g they don’t even bother checking?!

    This is just one feature of MANY that I’m spewing I’ve lost since going to an Apple phone. Woohoo, apps. But they’re so isolated from the OS(admittedly probably rightly so) that you can’t get apps to compliment it (like a better SMSer, but one that can actually see your contacts!). Ra. Foolish me for getting one. I don’t like blackberry’s but they’re a shit load more usable as a phone. God forbid someone buys as iPhone to make phone calls and send texts.

  33. Well my Christmas message to around 80 people took 20 minutes as the most people in one sms I could send to was 10 – ridiculous. They should either allow us to send sms to group in one click, or at least highlight all the contacts you want to send out in one sms go grrrrrr

  34. The iphone 4 allows you to send texts to many people. Although the plus sign does disappear after ten contacts, you just keep adding by manually entering the first letter of the name in the contact field and the contact list will pop back up. I haven’t tried this on the i3.

  35. I had been using nokia e-61 and thought the OS of this phone was bad. after i switched to iphone 3gs, i feel that i have made a major error.

    except for the lovely graphics and touchscreen experience, the nokia was a much better put together system. it had groups for my contacts, i could keep adding contacts to my sms with single click and send them with a single click. it also displayed the calendar alerts like b’days etc on the front screen on my mobile which kept reminding me throughout the day.

    the iphone is just a snob value item in terms of usage and nothing more.

    would have loved if it could have been more user friendly along with being touch friendly,

  36. It’s true that some carriers limit the number of recipients to 10 (and the iPhone UI doesn’t alert you to this fact at all, letting you believe you’ve sent the message to more than 10 folks!)

    Because of this, we’ve written an app for managing group text message lists, that also splits up the messages into groups of 10 (or individually if you so desire) so that everything works correctly. If you send a lot of group texts, I hope you’ll check it out. Social Chair SMS — http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/social-chair-sms/id418353812?mt=8

  37. Hi all,
    I’ve 3gs (16 Gb) i want to send a text to all my contacts, how can i do? i have 300 contacts in my list. please clear

  38. Hi all,
    I’ve 3gs (16 Gb) i want to send a text to all my contacts, how can i do? i have 300 contacts in my list. please clear

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